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Shannon Hoon died 25 years ago


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As good as those 2 albums are, with Soup being a masterpiece even, seems like they were just getting started. But the catalogue, including Nico, is a huge gift to the world as is!

I havent seen the doc of his home videos yet, but Id like too. Has anyone seen it?


Also, addiction issues can certainly spiral during a global pandemic. If anyones using please be sure to be educated on overdose prevention. If possible, consider getting a bag man (to hold your stash and only turn over safe(er) amounts on a daily basis). And cut your dose if youve gone with out for a few days, due to supply disruptions. :)

I can be PM'ed to discuss cats, pizza, gardening and roast battle comedy if thats at all helpful!



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1 hour ago, jamillos said:

I still haven't heard their full records, only a few tracks I guess, but I do know that I've recently heard "No Rain" on the radio and I absolutely loved it and put it on my list of must-hear material! 

No Rain is so good! That’s from their debut which is a very strong album with Tones of Home, Change, and Holyman. 

Their second album, Soup, is too good for words. My favourite tracks include 2x4, Galaxy, and Mouthful of Caveties. 

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I think I've heard that Blind Melon were performing Don't Cry live in their early days before it was recorded for the Use Your Illusion albums. Doug Goldstein once said that Axl didn't attend his funeral because he didn't want to be a distraction. Bear in mind this is right when Axl started to completely disappear from the public. There's some pictures of his final show in this link. 


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