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What do you suppose the stuff Slash sends to Axl sounds like compared to Myles?

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25 minutes ago, Alejandro GNR said:

For me, I guess they sound the same...

I believe Axl is the one with the special material and Slash can make that even better, not the other way round. But who knows?

The one with the special material (or who could turn material into special one) sits on his avocado farm. It takes all 3 of them to make gnr happen and a bit of Duff and add a half spoon of Stevie into that 😉

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On 1/3/2021 at 1:00 AM, The Holographic Universe said:

. They seem to be two very different artists. 

they are since UYI. But Believe me Slash is now so happy to made the solo of November Rain that he didn't want (the clip also who are at more than milliard of views). Slash like to be famous. otherwise he can't sale his little guitard and big one !!!!  Without Axl he is smole. Not in our world of course but for other people. So Axl push him in another level. Let's be honest.

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