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10 hours ago, axlvai said:


Just right now i will love to see this show on proshot:

- Denver 1991-07-11 McNichols Arena.

Anyone have its COMPLETE???? UNCUT????


- CA Shoreline 1991-07-20. Opening with Perfect Crime.

How much?



37 minutes ago, axlvai said:

I was so excited last nite hearing that gigs... i was like there.

I was at the Shoreline gig and would happily pay for a legit release. I mean, they’re sitting on a goldmine and are missing the boat on streaming services like Nugs, etc, let alone physical sales. I just don’t understand the reluctance, unless it actually means TB might have to think about scheduling another three hour meeting. 

Hey Axl @Dexter, are you still holding onto grudges or can you can give your fans what they want? 

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