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question 2: what will we get? 1) nothing 2)nothing 3) could be years away with current health crises

Being realistic though... I'd just like the slightest sign of humanity, normality and empathic communication from the band. And to have them behave like a normal band. Even if it is pretend, I'd

UYI stuff with Blu Ray shows.. They don't havde anough offcial footage from the classic era..  Could care less about a new album from Axl in 2020.  Or an album with Frank, Melissa and Fortus for that

58 minutes ago, axlvai said:

I want the UYI Stuff.

Yeah me too. Just like the AFD Deluxe approach but with some juicy UYI-sized steroids. Then I can just log off here forever and cruise into the sunset :D . 

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13 minutes ago, axlvai said:

Not joke. Look at the Ticketmaster news. 

Yeah, for sure. My joke was in reference to that. Because some of our Right Wing forum members are calling it "fascist" in the thread on it in the My World section of the forum :lol:

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2 hours ago, soon said:

And I wont let Bill Gates steal my soul via vaccination, so I cant go to shows :lol: j/k

it's cute you think you'll have a say in the matter







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A new album that will heavily dominate the setlist when they tour. Do the rounds and give us the same cycle, make up for the decades of not putting any product out for fans to enjoy and make the most of their talents as a band. 

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A Illusions Blu Ray with multiple shows would be awesome... The tour morphed quite a bit..

Rock In Rio
Ritz show where they filmed YCBM
One of the pre-album shows like Wembley
One of the Bloated shows with Tracy, Roberta, Zig Zag and all that
A Skin N' Bones show from 94
The last Argentina show before Slash split

That would be sick... First 3 still had Izzy too


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