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what albums were in your dad's collection?


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if ever someone owned "dad music", it's my dad. He had a broad selection of cd's, at a relatively young age. As a kid I used to scroll between them, primarily looking at the covers in stead of actually listening to them. it was dad music after all, and therefore not cool. there was nothing in it that was really rockin. more like mellow pop stuff.


he had:

james bond themes, as performed by the hollywood orchestra. this had the coolest cover and was my first introduction to the world of 007:

hollywood cinema orchestra james bond 007 theme - Buy Vinyl Records LP of  Soundtracks at todocoleccion - 115457991

cliff richard best of

percy sledge best of

ben e king and the drifters

remember the 70s

in the summertime (summer hits)

barry white greatest hits

70s golden pop records

the beatles sgt pepper

mozart and beethoven stuff

absolute abba 

une heure avec claude francois

some cd with french chansons

some creepy gregorian chants cd

an album by BZN

a christmas album which had the most atmospheric cover:

Christmas Love Songs (1986, CD) | Discogs


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Fucks sake, my dad's music collection is huge. He introduced me to tons of stuff. Beatles, Stones, Clapton, Cocker, Queen, Ry Cooder, Dire Straits/Knopfler, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Van Morrison/Them, Crosby Stills Nash (& Young), Neil Young solo, Crowded House, Eagles, Cuby & The Blizzards, the Woodstock albums and loads of artists on it, tons of Dutch and/or local bands... A lot of blues classics too. Stuff like BB King, John Lee Hooker, Muddy Waters... 

I didn't like all of his stuff right a way. But I definitely came back to a lot of music he loves eventually. And he loves rubbing that in whenever I'm playing something I think I discovered on my own but he still manages to pull out some album and remind me he played that for me at times too. :lol: 

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He didn't have one :lol:  He tends to like Soul, Motown, that kind of thing.  Odds songs here and there, stuff that was in the charts in the 70s and 80s, like Without You by Harry Nilsson, Those Were the Days by Mary whatsherface that Paul McCartney signed to Apple, Seasons in the Sun by Terry Jacks.  All just little bits and bobs from the 70s.  Not really big into music I think, only ever listened to it on the radio or in clubs I think.  Every so often he'll hear a song or remember one and go 'I used to like that'.  Certainly no rock bands or anything like that.  Mostly Soul and black American singers and that I suppose.

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The big yin had everything Queen ever done along with a load of varied artists spread over multiple genres. Everything from Elvis to The Bee Gees to Madness along with some of the scheidt that his old man passed down to him (mostly Irish folk stuff). A mental taste in music that helped form my ear for a tune from an early age, though most of it, particularly Elvis and The Bee Gees, I didn’t come to appreciate until much later on.

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as for my granddad, he was some sort of farmer. He died when I was young, but I remember this song was chanted on the field, while working hard. This was a minor hit in the farmer's community of the 60s. it's about taking the cows to the field, harvesting the weat from the field and the charms of "workers happiness"


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I love my dad dearly but god bless him he's never been into the arts, music included. I've received all of my music influences, knowledge, and ability from my mom. She was a really good singer in her own right. There are really too many to mention but certainly number one was Elvis. She loved him and definitely passed that gene on to me.😊

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I remember one particular band my dad really loved, they were called "Big Red One" - it was pretty much a no-name Swiss Hard-Rock band active during the early 90ies. 

Big Red One - Trouble Maker

This was my introduction to rock-music in general. I still love this band very much to this day. I'm glad I made a copy of the 2 albums they had made, since I can't seem to find their stuff anywhere nowadays aside from a few YT-uploads.

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Zeppelin, Aerosmith, Robin Trower, some late Dio Sabbath stuff, Deep Purple, Nugent, lots of old 50s-70s blues records, SRV, Van Halen, Sammy Hagar, Chicago. I have his whole LP collection now. Can't remember it all, but those are the heavy hitters in it that come to memory. It's in line with a lot of stuff I still listen to.


CD collection is a bunch of Black Crowes, Prince, Jimmy Buffett, Elvis, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Steely Dan, Van Morrison in his CD collection.


oh and lots of Journey... :vomit:

On 11/17/2020 at 11:48 PM, marlingrl03 said:

My dad loved Tom Jones. Loved! 

My dad used to torture me on car rides listening to Tom Jones. I would complain and complain and he would just crank it louder lol. I never understood how he liked him so much, considering his other music tastes.

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My dad gave me his records a little over 3 years ago when I really started getting into vinyl, his was a combination of his and his sister's. From his taste there was Led Zeppelin, AC/DC and Pink Floyd, among others. While his sister's was purely from the 60s and earlier, mostly Beatles and their individual side projects. Although I was surprised by finding a very well taken care of copy of Live After Death by Iron Maiden, another nice surpise was Screaming For Vengeance and British Steel which I suspect were my moms since she was the Priest fan when they were big.

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