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What Is Your Top 5 Kubrick Movies?

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1. Barry Lyndon

2. Paths of Glory

3. The Shining

4. Clockwork Orange

5. 2001

Top two are locked in. 3-5 somewhat interchangeable along with Full Metal Jacket.

I am a defender of Eyes Wide Shut also, it is just it slightly misses out on my list. People didn't understand it at the time.-

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I like Eyes Wide Shut in particular and 2001 was quite a tip too.

I've also seen The Shining and Full Metal Jacket but they are just too eerie and brutal for me, though technically genius film making no question.

I better stay away from Clockwork Orange, I hear it's quite violent too? Should I watch the others?

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Looking at these Top 5 lists no matter whats on them I'm going to like them. All his Movies are Fantastic in their own way and I've enjoyed them.

Because of It's Sexual Content and also because it was his last movie, I feel 'Eyes Wide Shut' Doesn't get, Imo, The Respect It deserves. I feel Kubrick was really trying to tell the Audience Something Truly Esoteric. The Movie Is loaded with Symbology. Which can be said for alot of his movies. I feel he went Full Throttle with his own Knowledge and put it Into the Movie.

Why do I always Forget he Done Spartacus??..

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18 minutes ago, DieselDaisy said:

It is simply a stunning film, easily obtaining high rank on ''my top ten films of all time'' list,

Also it has Rigsby in haha,


He was a fantastic actor y'know, Leonard Rossiter, outside of Rigsby, proper character actor and a perfectionist.  His first three movie roles all went on to be classics of the Kitchen Sink drama genre, he was in The Wrong Box and Deadfall with Michael Caine, he was in 2001, as well as Oliver! for Kubrick too.

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Kubrick's Napoleon, ''the greatest film never made''. It actually entered pre-production of which stills and costumes were produced. There is a book out,



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