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New David Lynch project for Netflix - titled Wisteria


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Please let this be a backdoor season 4 or a spin off for Twin Peaks. Very interesting nonetheless


David Lynch Netflix Project, Working Title ‘Wisteria,’ in the Works — Report


Netflix declined comment, but Production Weekly has the start date.

Rumors are swirling around a new David Lynch project in the works, and at Netflix. As observed in industry trade Production Weekly, an untitled David Lynch project with the working title “Wisteria” is set to begin production in May 2021. The publication notes longtime Lynch collaborator Sabrina S. Sutherland as a producer, and that the project will film at Calvert Studios in LA.

Netflix declined a request for comment from IndieWire. (Other projects featured in the Production Weekly newsletter include the new “Doctor Strange,” plus “Insecure” and “American Crime Story.”)

Lynch, who has mostly kept in touch with audiences during quarantine via his “What’s David Up to?” YouTube series, previously hinted that he’d be working on a film or other story right now if it weren’t for lockdown.

“There might be things coming along that would mean less time could be spent on [my YouTube] channel,” he told The Daily Beast back in July.

Lynch’s last feature film project was his 2006 “Inland Empire.” From there he returned to the beloved world of “Twin Peaks” for the Showtime limited series “The Return.” The filmmaker has yet to announce any new feature films or television projects since “Twin Peaks: The Return” wrapped its run in September 2017, though the 2017 short “What Did Jack Do?” debuted on Netflix earlier this year.

“Twin Peaks” star Kyle MacLachlan told IndieWire earlier this year he’d be open to reprising his role of Cooper, but had only this to tease about a return: “That is in the mind of David Lynch, where it will stay hidden.”

Meanwhile, for fans looking to bring a little Lynch into their life right now, the David Lynch Foundation, the filmmaker’s namesake Transcendental Meditation-based charitable organization, will host a live, virtual benefit concert December 3. Headliners include Graham Nash, Elvis Costello, Kesha, Sting, and more. Coined “Meditate America,” the free event will support bringing free Transcendental Meditation training to adults and children in need, including healthcare workers on the COVID-19 frontlines, veterans battling PTSD and depression, and families living in at-risk communities.

George Stephanopoulos, Robin Roberts, and ABC’s chief medical correspondent Dr. Jennifer Ashton will host the event, which will also include an interview with Hugh Jackman and Katy Perry to discuss her meditation practice. More info on the benefit concert, and how to get tickets, is available on the David Lynch Foundation’s website.

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4 hours ago, Stiff Competition said:

Frost isn’t involved so it’s highly unlikely it will be a S4.

a spin-off could be possible, like Las Vegas.


either way, new lynch regardless of it being twin peaks or not, is great news.

Well here is the thing. Lynch now solely owns the property of Twin Peaks. With Netflix and Showtime making a deal (they are still airing seasons 1 & 2) and that the characters of Agent Cooper, Laura Palmer, etc this could still exist in the Twin Peaks universe. This could be the Richard, Linda, Carrie Page story. Current rumor is that he's geting 85 million for this and it's going to be 25 episodes. Wisteria could still be a working title and if this is all filmed in a studio they could all still social distance. Also Lynch said that Carrie Page was still calling to him but there is still disturbances makes me believe it could still be a spin off that takes place in the Twin Peaks universe but without having to call it Twin Peaks. Before the TP Graceland event was cancelled (due to COVID) there was going to be a major announcement. With what was done with S3 there was a lot of world building. Let's just hope that Wisteria isn't going to be a Dougie Jones series where it is slow as shit and with no real pay off. Lynch has been on the scene for decades so who knows what ideas he's had he's been storing away like a squirrel.

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Yeah i know all that.I'm well versed in the lynch newsandworld as well haha. Nice to see another big fan, though I LOVED season 3 and enjoyed the dougie plot.

But yeah I could see him doing a spin off in the richard/carrie world or something, or a crime saga in vegas.

If you remember,last year sometime both Laura Dern and Naomi Watts were seen at the netflix offices if I'mnot mistaken and there were rumors of a lynch show then.

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