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Roughly 30 hours in and I'd not noticed any technical issues other than the occasional frame rate drop until earlier today. Nothing game breaking but a couple of absolutely hilarious ones. First instance was where my character was parked up in a car and I'd just put the controller down while I was checking my phone or something. An NPC just started attacking me out of the blue before a random explosion from the back of the car sent him flying about 100 feet into the air never to be seen again. The other I was driving through the city and suddenly out of nowhere the car I was in was catapulted high into the air and ended up on top of a random warehouse building for no apparent reason at all. :lol: 

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The boy wasn't impressed. CyberPunk is being returned when the shops open. He wants the cash instead. 

Hate to rain on everyone's parade but Polygon and Kotaku say its not very inclusive and offensive. 

I almost posted this but I didn't want to get suspended.  

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10 hours ago, Oldest Goat said:

Steam denied my refund requests. Fucking cunts.

If CDPR don't fully fix the game and expand and enhance it with free content then I'm boycotting them for life.

If you’re sick of it already give this a try. Picked it up on sale today for just over a tenner. Fucking great so far! 👍 


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This game is awesome! I must be the only person who is fucking loving it. :lol: Just got into crafting and am completely ignoring the main story for now. 

I woke up this morning with a bit of a sniffle so the missus has banished me to the bedroom and I've signed up for GeForce Now which is basically NVidia's version of Stadia but lets you play all the games you already own via streaming. I've been playing this all day at max settings on a 5 year old laptop. :lol: 

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Playing this game on GeForce Now (the original game streaming service?) on an Nvidia Shield TV


I like this game. Looks great, feels great. I do notice a couple bugs, but nothing game breaking


Never knew they were making this game for a decade, what the fuck happened there. Barely found about it with the breathtaking presentation they did

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When the game is good, it's really good. But this game takes me out of the action wayyyyyy too much. It's often 15 minutes of dialogue and waiting for 5 minutes of driving and 5 minutes of shooting. I find myself feeling very impatient with the game.

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