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The beginning of the end - When Guns N’ Roses Welcomed Gilby Clarke and a Horn Section on Stage Read More: When Guns N' Roses Added Gilby Clarke and a Horn Section

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The NYT reviewer and Roddy Bottom of FNM come across as misogynist d-bags in that article. Axl was running around in nothing but tiny underwear and boots, but if women wear "lingerie" (meh, not really

The illusion times were my favourite era.    they can write whatever they want. 

Yep, I became a fan of the band during UYI years. So while some rock purists probably hated the expanded sound and extras on stage, I thought it was fantastic. Looking back, it certainly was over the

1 hour ago, Tom2112 said:

That's all well and dandy! and I'm sure if you were a GNR fan in 1991 you were out loud and proud with your shirt on! It is a cool achievement! but I'd bet the guys in the band would probably say they'd even cut a few songs if they were given the chance! 


I think with 14 songs you get a great taste of all the main songwriters. End of the day, strongest songs / ideas get on the record, it's not a charity and you should be looking to represent the band at its best, rather than stroke egos of individual members. If individual members got to have final say Hotel California would have been sang by Don Felder! and history would look quite different for The Eagles. 

UYI I & II were successes at the end of the day, so it's hard to argue with the side of things! but I hang my hat on that there's no place for weaker tracks. Write 30, whittle it down to the best and fine tune them!

Like I said I'm glad to have them now, but I know they aren't the best records from top to bottom! If a cd in 1991 could have held 20 songs, or if they released it as a double album but side II was basically EP length! that would have been best of both worlds. 

I'd love if they all created a master 1 album list for the 30th anniversary!

I think I understand what you're saying but the vast majority of albums are not made up of songs on the same caliber and even if they did, it wouldn't necessarily mean it would be a better album or a great album or a masterpiece.

You think the White album was all aaa tracks? some songs belong on the same record and what you get is a nice journey with left turns and shit. Even Appetite had Anything Goes and You're Crazy and those tunes, despite maybe not being on the same level add to the record in some way imo.

according to Josh Freese, Axl had a list of aaa/aa/a material for Chinese. It's more than just grouping together great songs if your goal is to come up with a great release. It has to work as a cohesive experience and even if UYI had terrible pacing and a lot of filler and it's not as good as Appetite was as an album, it still got something going for it which is a much more in depth look into what Gn'R was about artistically at the time.

a project that showcases the good, the bad, and the ugly seems appropriate for a band like Gn'R and they really went all out with it.

Even Slash did it with World On Fire, more sprawling and then LTD which was concise and less adventurous (each work with its own advantages and disadvantages)

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1 hour ago, Birdman said:

I remember seeing an interview with Slash where he said there’s some good shit on the UYI albums but would have preferred a more straightforward album with about 10 tracks on it.

He talked some trash about the piano driven tracks at the time of the album release. Axl is responsible for the expansive sonic feel of the band. On his own Slash would have never recorded an Estranged. 

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1 hour ago, The Holographic Universe said:

He talked some trash about the piano driven tracks at the time of the album release. Axl is responsible for the expansive sonic feel of the band. On his own Slash would have never recorded an Estranged. 

i beleive axl ranted that at RIR  around Slash never wanting to do estranged, post new nuguns lineup.

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I think the only positive in releasing just 1 album of say 14 songs... would be if it had of helped them to release a 3rd, 4th or 5th album down the line. Which we will never know. 
the band was in terrible shape by the end of the UYI era and had they only released 14 songs on 1 album there is still every chance we would never have gotten more. So in hindsight I probably wouldn’t trade what we got and how we got it because there was never a guarantee things would have been better with the alternative. 

what a shame that at the end of 93.. these guys couldn’t get past there problems and put their egos aside.. they pissed away the best past of the next 25  years... a one in a billion opportunity to secure a legacy as good as the stones. 

It’s in fathomable that it was allowed to happen from Axl/Slash/Management... 



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