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What, did the 2003 Limewire leaks turn up again?  Edit: Really want to hear Cats in the Cradle and Every Rose Has It's Thorn again. Cockroach Soup was also a banger.

Fake for sure.  If Axl put half the time these people put into making fakes into releasing new music, we'd have an overflow of new music. 

Two alleged leaks of previously unheard songs have appeared, and they may or may not be fake. One rock song and one ballad. Any thoughts?

The ballad reminds me of When the Children Cry by White Lion. I honestly don't hate it. The solo doesn't sound Slash-like.  I don't really care for the rocker.  I'm not a huge nerd when it comes to Axl's voice but something sounds a bit off. I think it's just a bit too much Axl to be Axl, if that makes any sense. My guess would be an impersonator.


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Here are my thoughts.

- These 'leaks' are conspicuously timed with Rick's recent comment that "more is coming soon". Doesn't necessarily mean anything though, and i'm sick of Rick, so meh.

- From what i hear, the ballad has a similar chord progression to Don't Cry, at least at the beginning. Interesting to see if this is a hoax that someone has built around previous GN'R ballad songs like that, or if real, is meant to be related to Don't Cry in some way.

- The rocker has a drum/bass/guitar intro, which the band has done previously. Just an interesting observation.

- The songs have uncharacteristic Axl vocals. I don't think i've heard him sing clean like the vocalist does in the ballad, but it almost sounds close to 2006 Axl in some parts. The rock song also has areas reminiscent of 2006 Axl, and even 86 Axl.

- Likewise, the rocker has uncharacteristic vocals. Of course, both songs are similar to what Axl sounds like, but we already have a modern look at Axl vocals with Rock the Rock, which is distinctively Axl and completely different to these tracks.

- I don't hear any signature 'Slash sound' in any of the recordings. The drum, bass and rhythm are generic too.

- The songs sound like they are rough recordings from a live session, but there are clear backing vocals which sound closer to Axl overdubs than the band's backing vocalists. The backing vocals are still different to how Axl traditionally sounds on backing tracks though. 

- The songs are overall pretty generic. I wouldn't mind if they were real because they would obviously be cleaned up more, but Guns can do better.

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The first one is not a bad fake (he's definitely imitating Axl on purpose), the second one I stopped after a few seconds. The fact it's not discussed on Discords or anywhere else also speaks for itself... 

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This is fake of course, but in "fascinating" .txt file there is a mention of Mountain View Hyundai that someone could connect to the workplace and the advertisement of Tom Zutaut as proof that these are the real stuffs :lol:

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