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What song should Guns close with?

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On 12/16/2020 at 11:02 PM, Tom-Ass said:

Anything that isn't as predictable as PC...

It's one of those that as soon as it starts you know it's the end of the show. It does mean you can prepare to enjoy the last song. Rather than hearing the likes of Nightrain and then all of a sudden that's it.

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It's really hard to argue against "Paradise City." It's become a permanent fixture as the closer and for good reason. The way they incorporated the confetti and the fireworks, and just the way the song builds with a simple guitar strum, then launches into an driving riff, culminating into a cacophony of sound. And then, lyrically, it makes sense: "Oh won't you take me home." It's their go-home song. It's great.

ALL that said, I tend to agree with others that "Nightrain" could also work. But it wouldn't be as good.

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