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classical music


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I want to start listening to classical music. I hope it can provide some relaxation in these troubled times.

what are some classic "albums" to start? I'm interested in Mozart, beethoven, Haydn,.... you know the stones, beatles and gunners of their time

any advice would be most welcome

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If you’re not into classical music yet, you might start with the Planets by Gustav Holst, especially Mars (kind of the heavy metal of classical music, and John Williams copied a lot of it into his Star Wars Soundtrack), Mercury, Jupiter and Uranus 

If you rather want some relaxing music, try the Holberg Suite by Grieg

Also you can never go wrong with Mozart (e.g. Concerto for Flute and Harp), Haydn or Bach 

some other suggestions that I like to listen to:

Pictures at an Exhibiton by Mussorgsky

Hansel and Gretel Overture by Humperdinck

Mahler Symphonies 1, 3, 5

Piano Concerto No. 1 by Gershwin

Tschaikovsky Symphony 4 and 5

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Wow, that’s what I would call good timing. I just listened to the Pastorale (Symphony No. 6) from Beethoven yesterday. Played by the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra and conducted by Karajan. 

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Been listening to a lot of it lately as it happens.  There's not a lot going on in music so I just like...I dunno, gave it a bash.  I don't know fuck all about it though, just pick a famous name on spotify and stick it on.  I mean its not like pop music that I've been like, conditioned on, its hard to like...reccomend shit like 'check out 'x', its a fuckin' banger!'.

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I've bought a 50 song best of cd by mozart, my very first classical cd.

I love these compilations; this does the job of selecting the most interesting parts so I don't need to do my research myself.

at times it feels like Queen II on steroids.

It's not easy finding your way in mozart's backlog. the songs are named by numbers so this makes things a bit abstract for the uninitiated. but the "piano song" and that ta-tata-tatatatata song are precisely the kind of stuff you knew all along but didn't know it was mozart.

a whole new world of music for me to explore. And it is relaxing music in troubled times.

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