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What is your GN'R 'holy grail'?

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1 minute ago, Gordon Comstock said:

Unheard songs with vocals from 1999-2004. Zodiac and Soul Monster are the most interesting instrumentals so I guess those are the 2 I'd want the most. 

As far as live stuff, Pantages Theatre 1991 pro-shot and The Joint NYE 2001 pro-shot. 

I definitely agree with Zodiac and Soul Monster. Would love to hear The General too. Hopefully they make their way onto any new album.

On live stuff, i think it would be awesome if Marc Canter's early recordings were made public, but i can only imagine the legal headaches there.

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1) The Perfect Crime Documentary… whatever you imagine it is or could be or could have been. That. 

2) 07.08.91 - Starplex Amphitheatre, Dallas, TX … if a full recording existed… which I doubt, but you never know. We’d had no clue about Saskatoon either, am I right? Anyway, Axl was just… feral. See the snippets. A few days (and cancelled dates) after St. Louis…
Btw, I’m drunk right now. 

3) Any pro-shot from the 80s. I mean, come on, it could be any show, really. 

4) I know this will be considered kinda lame here these days, but I’d still like to see that (entire) alleged Mtv 2002 rehearsal thing. Say what you want, the whole era was shrouded in mystery and all that stuff. And we lived in/through that era. And it’s left an impression. 

5) In general – anything from the old days (live era). That is the real fucking holy grail. 
Even the stuff from post 1993. 
Ok, I’ll calm down now. 

Edit: TIL Brain version - the whole thing. Best vocals ever. 

Edit 2: Axl’s own biography book, of course. 

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This is my abolutlely holy grail! I would „kill“ for it...! 🥶

Guns N‘ Roses Live DVD in Full HD 

1991.08.03 Great Western Forum, Inglewood

1. Perfect Crime 2. Mr. Brownstone 3. Right Next Door to Hell 4. Bad Obsession 5. Live and Let Die 6. It's So Easy 7. Yesterdays 8. Dust N' Bones 9. Double Talkin' Jive 10. Civil War 11. Patience 12. You Could Be Mine 13. November Rain 14. My Michelle 15. 14 Years 16. Nightrain 17. Welcome to the Jungle 18. Drum Solo 19. Guitar Solo 20. Godfather ThemE 21. Pretty Tied Up 22. Rocket Queen 23. Don't Cry with Shannon Hoon 24. Knockin' on Heaven's Door 25. You Ain't the First with Shannon Hoon 26. Used to Love Her 27. Move to the City 28. Sweet Child o' Mine 29. You're Crazy with Sebastian Bach 30. Locomotive 31. Out Ta Get Me 32. Dead Horse 33. Estranged 34. Paradise City

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Axl's autibiography.

Probably in Elton John's style from what did I read. It was a good read and I liked the way the story, confession, was build up.

A nice little peek on how Axl's mind works, can be a string of essays or short stories, if some flowing story and details is not the way. I am curious on how did he make it because many of his breed couldn't make it and had gone too soon... and I love stories and storytellers who paint big pictures with words. 


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-Every professional recording of their live shows until '93

-The Perfect Crime Documentary 

-Everything Axl, Slash and Duff have worked on since the reunion

-That Izzy record that featured Slash and Duff which Izzy never released

-The Project's record with Izzy

-The third VR record with Corey Taylor on vocals





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