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Erased From Existence - New Original Song

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On 12/22/2020 at 8:43 PM, lame ass security said:

I really like your vocals, it's like a deranged James Brown/Ozzy Osbourne mashup.😄 Very cool man.

Well that's a very interesting way to look at it. :lol: Something as diametrically apart from each other brought together. I'll have to quote that if I do a EPK for it :)


On 12/23/2020 at 3:44 AM, SoundOfAGun said:

Wow, love the melody and your vocal performance is blistering! Read the lyrics whilst listening and really liked them, also like the way the last half of the last verse takes on the chorus melody. Very cool!

Thanks. I take as much pride in the lyrics as I do even remotely to the music. I think it's from ingesting a lot of folk. The whole storytelling aspect whether it's first person or third. Whether it's my own true thoughts or if I'm writing it from a character POV. I like it that ya dig the vocals and the vocal harmony stuff. I have a weird sideways bend to melody :lol:

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