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Tanya Roberts

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She passed away at 65 over the weekend. Not sure why?

She was on the last season of Charlie's Angels and played a mom on the 70's show. She still looked pretty good for her age.

Anyway, sad to hear it. 65 is still young these days. Not sure if it was the covid or a heart attack or what. Still sucks.

She was also in the 80's movie "Beastmaster"

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6 minutes ago, James Bond said:

Apparently her death was reported erroneously. She is still alive, albeit in critical condition.


Thanks just found out. How terrible is this?

Even my local news said she was dead.

Well, okay, that's better news.

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Apparently a UTI that entered the blood stream among other health concerns. Poor woman, and far too young. Always thought she was unfairly maligned in the Bond film. She's far from the worst part of it. Seemed like a lovely person in real life.

What a mess in the media though. She's dead, she's alive, she's alive but critical, oh wait...

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