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North America 2021 rescheduled/cancelled/new tour dates discussion thread

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This whole pandemic has fucked everything up. I don't know how they can even plan an event at this time. Especially not even knowing how many people will be allowed per venue and when it will really be "safe" to do live concerts again. 

4 minutes ago, Gackt said:

Ticketmaster is still selling tickets for the North American leg.

Nothing TM does would surprise me at all. Those greedy pieces of shit would do anything just to get some money and hold on to it for an eternity just for the interest.

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With the slow vaccine rollout, it would be a stretch. Not impossible, but I think fall would have been more secure. In the summer, normalcy can look like going to eat at a restaurant, going to home gatherings and parties, movie theaters, and bar/small club shows without fear of getting sick. Massive stadiums are probably not going to be the safest at this rate because so many people probably won't be fully vaccinated by then.

If this past month went better for shots, who knows how summer would have looked for gigs.

Its strange European dates are up for June, then.

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I can't see them happening, but as before they'll leave it until the last minute to say they aren't happening. It was a matter of a week or so before the dates were set to start that they said they weren't last time, even though anyone with a lick of sense knew they weren't. 

Given the difficulties I had getting my money back from Ticketmaster for a cancelled show, nothing would surprise me from them. I ended up having to file a fraud case with my bank, who eventually refunded me after hearing nothing themselves from Ticketmaster regarding a refund! 


3 minutes ago, AxlIsGod. said:

Has the EU run always said rescheduled, as in from last year? 

On the official site? Yeah, it's always said that. 

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2 minutes ago, AxlSlashthebest said:

maybe If you prove your vaccination !!!!

That could be a way to do big events this summer, I guess. People would freak out, though


I think it's a good idea :shrugs:

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Wow depressing, we in the UK, and many other countries, are in total lockdown again but, thankfully, vaccines are being rolled out but it is going to take some time, so goodness knows when there are going to be any live shows again :max:

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I have heard Ticketmaster/Live Nation is planning on concerts this summer but you need to prove you had a vaccine, I can not imagine the concert industry taking off another year, I am guessing there will be concerts just at limited capacity, not sure what that means for all the mega tours that sold out arenas and stadiums that got postponed to 2021, but a tour like GNR did not come close to selling out most shows so who knows what they are going to do

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7 hours ago, Tom-Ass said:

With the vaccine and herd immunity there should be no reason to cancel the summer shows again.. If you wanna stay home, stay home but this shit has to end at some point.. Blame China...

I aggree. However the problem in the UK atleast is this new strain which spreads faster and easier than the 1st. Plus you have to think about their crew. How will they cope?


I had it back in May last year and I wouldn't wish it upon anyone. So I can see why some people would be put off. 

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