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Axl was right all along: The internet is 1 big garbage can

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4 hours ago, Original said:

JFC - Twiter this, Parler that, CNN, FNC, OANN. NBC, MSNBC, Newsmaxx, Facebook.....Axl was right all those years ago!!!  They are all garbage it seems!!  We need an Axl follow up to this rant.  



Axl and his social media team are all users of these. Abit hypocritical to me.

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I actually thought the internet was great in the early years, in the last 10 years however it seems it has deteriorated, obviously in reality the internet and all it provides is amazing, but the ugly side of the internet which is really the ugly side of humans (case and point the US capital last week) has grown substantially over the last decade and it seems the internet is now 1 giant trash can, I definitely did not agree with Axl when he said that 20 years ago (damn time flies)

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35 minutes ago, RussTCB said:

What's funny about Axl / GN'R in that era is that so many of us (myself very much included) were sitting back waiting for Axl to prove everyone wrong. It's such a bummer that he never did.


No kidding, for me it was 2006ish-2014.

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