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3 minutes ago, Dazey said:

Surrey unfortunately but I’ll still pop over to Manchester for a pint. 👍

Was planning to long term but with the shit show that was the US the last few years that went on hold. We’re thinking of becoming more London-centric now. 

How did the second interview go? 

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4 minutes ago, SoulMonster said:

How did the second interview go? 

Spanked it. Expecting an in person 3rd interview next week. 👍

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10 hours ago, Dazey said:

Had an interview for a new job earlier this morning and apparently it went well as they’ve scheduled another one with their head of engineering for later today.

Job is developing hydrogen fuel cell technology so looks really cool. Fingers crossed it goes well later. 🤞

Good luck to you! 👍

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