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Godzilla vs. Kong


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I'm glad you enjoyed it @ZoSoRose. I'm also glad you went back and watched KOTM, it's better than a lot of people said. They are big dumb Godzilla movies, what do you expect? Lol. I see what you are saying though, the trailer for the 2014 movie was a little misleading. I honestly feel the monsterverse is the best Godzilla series to date. I LOVE Toho, but they don't have the money or resources to make films like the Monsterverse. Which you said you were going to watch the films on hbomax, which is great. But if I remember correctly, they are missing the heisei series on there, which is unfortunate. 


My official Godzilla series ranks (as of today)


1. Monsterverse

2. Heisei era

3. Showa era

4. Millennium era

5. Shin era (if they release more films in continuity, it'll go higher)



Also, I haven't heard of those yet, I'll have to check them out. My son LOVES Godzilla toys, so we have a TON, lol. Just about every monster you could think of, we have one, lol.

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