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Parliament-Funkadelic/George Clinton thread


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48 minutes ago, ToonGuns said:

Bought Maggots Brain on vinyl around 2 months ago. Great album. Haven't had much of a chance to check out other stuff - will check out your recommendations. 

If you're more into the rock stuff, stick with Funkadelic. Cosmic Slop in particular is a badass album.

The funk stuff is more Parliament. But it's all awesome stuff.

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1 hour ago, ToonGuns said:

Cosmic Slop deserves a listen surely for just having a fantastic name.

There's a huge link into Bucket here with Bernie etc. That's what made me check them out in the first place. I love Praxis.

I think Bucket's done quite a bit of work with Bootsy Collins as well.

I got into them through my Prince fandom, as George Clinton did a few albums on Prince's label in the late 80s. It's easy to disappear down the P-funk rabbithole though, you start to dip your toe into them and then you find yourself talking about the finer points of the grandchild of the replacement bass players new internet release. 

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OK now this is a thread worth bumping. I've been a Funkateer since the 80's. Had some older friends introduce me to them when I used to hang around their crib. Besides James Brown, they are one of the most sampled groups off all time. Check ALL of their stuff out.

Just think. If George Clinton became president instead of Bill Clinton we'd be one nation under a groove!


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