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G N' R Lies Vinyl

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Hey, guys! The other day I bought an original for $99 at my local record store and am stoked to have it even if I may have overpaid. It's labeled under GHS 24198. The front cover includes the "wife beating" and "dark ages" text, but the inner sleeve has a censored version of the naked chick. I'm kind of confused by that. I thought all the original copies had it uncensored. I was thinking maybe somebody over the years slipped a censored sleeve in there which would explain it, but I'm not really sure. Can someone explain this to me?

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I think you are mistaken the Uncesored Original Cover with the European inner insert that has always been on sale there, in every european edition of GNR'Lies

Like this one, from 1988:


...or this one, from 2015:



...but the inner sleeve is censored in every US release. 

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3 hours ago, Tom-Ass said:

I bought one of the older pressings earlier this year.. Not sure if it was the original but pretty close.. It sounds sooo good. I literally got chills listening to it..

I will bust out my pressing of Lies just to hear You're Crazy. It sounds amazing.

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