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Greta Van Fleet - Broken Bells


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This album is probably better than their first record. I think the songs I liked on that one were more memorable, but half of that album was complete filler. The worst songs on this release imo are "Heat Above" (big dud of an opener) and "My Way, Soon". The rest is pretty good! They are not breaking the wheel, but the songwriting and instrumental sections are a lot better this go around. Still have room for improvement with more dynamic changes. They wisely made the guitar more pronounced, and the leads are better on this record and its great to hear a mid gain plexi- like tone pushing a record nowadays as opposed to more saturated high gain.

Aside from their albums, "Through the Fires" was such a fun and surprising release. The Zep emulation on it was endearing, especially since they were all high school age or whatever. They should have just worn that on their sleeve but now their shtick comes off as annoying to me because they didn't own their gimmick and come off as faux-philosophical. I am sure a lot, if not all of that is their label or whatever. Fun record, glad to have it exist.

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I mean for like 20-24 year olds..........which I feel gets over looked now a days, this is a pretty fucking solid 2-3rd album. Not sure why my way soon is even on this, feels really out of place.....everything else feels so much more grand......then there's that.

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Favorite songs of the record-

Age of Machine
The Weight of Dreams
Broken Bells
The Barbarians
Build By Nations


Tears of Rain
Light My Love
Stardust Chords
Trip the Light Fantastic


My Way, Soon
Heat Above

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