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Who is Ronnie Stalnacker and why did he want Axl to be unsuccessful?

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Axl on why the 1996 album didn't materialize: "It has nothing to do with paranoia — it was to do with reality. If the material were strong enough for me to sink my teeth in, then I would still be in a certain public position in regards to GUNS, we'd have possibly still held a certain popularity with the public as I have previously been fortunate enough to have had. Slash and his ex-wife Renee and his security guy and closest confidant at the time, Ronnie Stalnacker, could not live with that. It's not something Slash could live with". https://www.blabbermouth.net/news/guns-n-roses-axl-rose-speaks/

I can't find much about this person, does Slash mention him in his book? Seems Axl is implying Slash had his own hangers on whispering in his ear.

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He was Slash’s security guard for years. Supposedly he looked a lot like Slash. He is mentioned in the book and Slash eventually had to fire him. He mentions something about how Ronnie crashed one of his cars and he was taking a few too many liberties with his job, something along those lines

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