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Fear The Walking Dead

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Well, FTWD started it's new season last night.

It focused mainly on a few characters, but had a shocking ending I didn't see coming. It was kept a secret for over a year until last night. I felt very bad about what happened. 

I guess it'll be that kind of a season for Fear. If the first show was a shocker, what can be expect from the coming weeks. Crazy!

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Yeah, they have mentioned her character in a few episodes. It would be freaking awesome if somehow she's alive. She didn't die on camera even though a hoard of walkers were closing in on her, but with tv you just never know?

Not sure why those other people want that key, but it can't be good. So sorry about the last episode. it seems this season isn't a very happy one for alot of character. 

I do hope the find Alicia. I don't like that guy who's trying to brainwash her. This group seemed okay but then them wanting to destroy the outside wasn't cool.

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