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I’ve been giving some thought to where GNR are at physical release wise, and this is my two cents, as a long term fan. It’s based on a lot of posted stuff here and consideration of what other bands have done. With that in mind here goes. The next release within the next two years will be an Use Your Illusion boxset and then after A collection or box set of live material of audio and visual. Why? Well, Universal are going to milk their artist of the most lucre possible. Axl I believe will then record and or re-record music with the current lineup with all the expected production and fanfare attended on an old school classic band before, the light goes out. Axl has admitted to not releasing much and may be down to qualify control. I’m sure he wants the next record to matter and the band to  go out with a bang, rather than a septuagenarian fart like the Stones! It’s a thought any way.  

They may go with the analogue route and document it like Foo Fighters. The next record that is.

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Yeah I’ve given up on the idea of any kinda release at all. New album, live album, box set, etc. That being said, I’m not sad about it anymore. I’m happy with what we got.

But if they do actually release any of the above, you all know I’ll be first in line to buy it.

EDIT: I just realized something. If a new album really is (almost) done and (pretty much) ready for release, the band could wait until specifically September 17th to release it. That way, they can market it as “the first album of original material from Axl, Slash and Duff in exactly 30 years.”

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20 hours ago, MaskingApathy said:

I mean with an imminent tour I don't see why they couldn't announce a single now; at this point there's no reason to wait until 2022. I just hope SMKC get together later this year to record their album so that we get that soon.

Weren’t SMKC already recording last year?

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