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Myles Kennedy's 2nd Solo album (no thread?)


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I gotta say the first 4 tracks went by and I didn't really like them a lot, but I couldn't believe it, then the album actually got really good because I liked pretty much every single song that went by after track 4 (which are 7 songs). Definitely did not expect for it to turn me around like that. I wasn't too sure what to expect but it's more electric than his debut but still pretty singer-songwritery, with some funk, country and rock thrown in.

Love Rain Down, Tell It Like It is, Moonshot and Worried Mind are my standout picks. And that solo on Sifting Through The Fire is intense.

Will probably need a few more spins to get a full impression but highly recommended for people who like country/blues.

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I like how some songs go in unexpected directions, makes it different from all the other singer/songwriter albums whose artists are not music theory prodigys like Myles.

Moonshot is just a mellow country song for the first minute, but then that epic building uplifting rock chorus comes in out of nowhere. I was expecting this to be a full on country song. Same with the solo in Sifting Through The Fire, you sit there listening to this song and suddenly you just go wait I didn't see that coming. I like Get Along instrumentally, but I find that chorus just too cheesy.

I feel that Myles would make a killing writing songs and letting other more known artists record them. Give a beautiful acoustic guitar composition like Love Rain Down (probably my favourite) to someone like Taylor Swift and it would be a major hit imo. She would never be able to come up with something like that. Myles has the musical chops but not really that "star power" to get a wonderful song like that noticed.

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