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Need advice on amps

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What's up everyone? It's been a hot minute since I've posted here. I'm looking for an amp that's good to use in a home studio setting. I'm using an Epiphone LP Goldtop for the guitar. I want something that is good for recording through both USB and occasionally a mic. Feel free to ask if you need more information. Thanks!

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Well if you just want it for home studio, a DI box into an interface would suit you, running something like Guitarrig 6 or the like.


Personally the way I record guitar stuff is Amp (TSL 100) > attenuator/load box (Ox Box > interface (Arturia AudioFuse Studio)


Cheaper gear can be used obviously.


To answer your question, in my scenario any amp that I like can be used with the loadbox/speaker simulator. I don't use a real cab myself, just my monitors

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I'd do similar to what Mendez said. 

A good quality audio interface over the real deal amp, along with Guitar Rig or whatever. My personal preference is Amplitube, works well, sounds great, lots of options. When I'm not using my amp and doing basic recording, its guitar > pedal board > audio interface > DAW w/ Ampltube. Then headphones for out (but studio monitors etc work well). Audio interface will make life easier for tracking bass and shit as well. I personally don't bother with the amplitude pedals and shit, and just use my pedal board and a classic amp that suits my style/need (or generally pick one that is close to what i'd play if amp'd up).

Other than that, I use a Blues Junior. Gone through plenty of amps in my time (jcm800s, Fender twin, Blues Deluxe, etc etc). The Blues Junior has never left, despite all the other amps coming and going, and holds up all the time. I'll sometimes mic this amp up and record at home too. I have a semi decent attenuator for it as well, which gives me a lot more room to move without fucking off the neighbours and family. Highly recommend.

Failing that, something like this would probably do you well: https://revvamplification.com/products/d20/ - been tempted many a times, heaps of reviews online that you can go fall down a rabbit hole with.

IMO if not gigging, then do the audio interface option, most likely ends up slightly cheaper and also has more options available going forward, until you feel the practical need for an amp (gigging, jamming with mates etc.).

Let us know what you go with :)



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