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Excitement at GNR shows?

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3 hours ago, ©GnrPersia said:

Axl is also excited with all-time positive fans like you.

I mean the milking process is smoother as well. 🙏


1 hour ago, SoulMonster said:

People are paying for a show they want to attend. No one is being milked. Stop the nonsense.

The "people being milked" he's referring to are the casual fans who are overpaying for the level of show GN'R puts on nowadays. 

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On 6/12/2021 at 5:13 PM, ©GnrPersia said:

I always like your posts and questions 'cause you sound like an alien who is just recently on earth and observes humans weird behavior and reactions. 

Probably a good description ;)


If you like what they are offering than I am sure they put on a great show but one would hope for some changes...

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