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Tom Zutaut Questions

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For those who know and those who don’t. Tom Zutaut signed GN’R to Geffen in 1986 and helped the band release the material that they put out between 1986 and 1994, sometime after he was let go when the arse fell out of the record industry in the late nineties. Around the time of Axl Rose’s return to live performance in January 2001 interscope hired him, in the hope that he could be the midwife that could deliver the saviour of the record industry namely Chinese Democracy. After a year of work, some progress, and then some fatal disagreement, he was back out of favour with Axl. Now that he is elderly with a great legacy, I thought it worth discussing with him the following, or more hopefully if anyone could ask him and find out the following please:


Are the Locker leaks of 2019 the entirety of what you heard during your tenure on the Chinese Democracy album? 36 (half with vocals and the rest instrumental, mixes and some 2001 raw recording and mixes). Comments from Axl in 1999, were that he had worked on over 70 songs and this was echoed by Paul (Huge) Tobias at a Las Vegas gig two years later to die hard fans in December 2001.

When did ‘Better’, ‘Shackler’s Revenge’, ‘Scraped’, ‘Sorry’ & ‘This I Love’ become worked on, or, were in a state close enough to the finished version? I now This I Love goes back to 1992, but it does not feature Buckethead, nor appear on these leaks. Lies They Tell/Scraped seems to have appeared after 2001, though it might be earlier, if Tom clarify. 

Why do you think Axl went from claiming in 1999 that he had recorded over 70 songs to in 2006, saying that he was working on 32 songs? It would seem that he lost a lot of confidence in the material that he was working at over those eight years (Recordings from 1998 to 2006). 

What do you think of the record that was released and its reception?

Did you view this music as Guns N’ Roses, or music that William Bruce Bailey Rose/W.AR./Axl pursued?

Is there anything that is classic/great musically that you heard that was not included in the Locker leaks?

Do you see a new GN’R album happening and if so, how would you envisage it with everything that you know?

What is you unfiltered view on Beta and Team Brazil’s connection to Axl & GN’R?

Is Guns N’ Roses a spent artistic entity that is about to raise over a $100 selling their rights?

Did you see this coming, or where there any surprises?

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