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Official GnR Bong

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Since there's no new songs to rank, do the merch.

1) Live and let die w/Covid 45 shirt 

2) Anything GNAIR 

3) The pinball machine (would be number one if I had it 

4) SCOM children's book 

5) GNR truck 

6) GNR yo yo

Honorable mention : Ashba water, Bumble fucked hot sauce.












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Absolutely ridiculous that they find time to do absolute nonsense but can’t give a single bit of information on new music. This next concert will be my last until they actually do something new musically. 

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There’s been an officially-licensed GNR bong (and other products) for a while now. Famous Brandz has been selling them for at least a year and a half  




Personally, I wish they’d release some glassware for beer. Strange that a band that licenses toy trains is missing out on this opportunity. 


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18 minutes ago, allwaystired said:

That would involve someone buying it.....so, unlikely I'd have thought. 

It does seem like a strange one. I know weed is legal in a lot of states in the US, but when I think of GNR fans I don't immediately think weed. I'd have thought a GNR beer, wine or whiskey would have been better ideas. 

I guess they'll just make these at limited capacity, and judge the market from there. 

I don't smoke so I'm not about to buy one and start in the name of GNR. If they released a beer that's a different story!

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