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Video mixtape - Gag Reel " A Remixer's Mixtape" footage

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Here's something I have been working off and on with. I don't know if anybody is familiar with what is called a video mixtape. It's stuff of various sorts and degrees compiled together with no narrative. It's kind of an off shoot of mondo films. Most mixtapes consist of gross stuff (gore, scat, etc you get the idea) and they look like they were made in 8 hours by some edgy numbnut. Mine is different in that I take various clips and re-edit them from different source material. Put some effort into it. Think Negativland/The Residents but more schizo, in a good way. In my mixtape I do have some clips that I kept as is cause they're funny/bizarre. I also have OC (original content) of various things I have filmed but never got to use. So in total, this hour (or longer, it depends) tape, will be around 80% of recontextualized material. This is also a satire of the whole current mixtape movement. I must warn you, this bit of footage is VERY NSFW in certain spots but overall is lighthearted.

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