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07/31/21 - Hershey, PA - Hersheypark Stadium

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Just now, FabioRoses said:

Doesn't feel rushed. Idk, for me it's better. 

I’m just curious. I can never hear it. It’s like those posters from the 90’s where images were hidden in geometric patterns. I could never see the image. 

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1 minute ago, youngswedishvinyl said:

Axl looks a bit slimmer than he's done recently imo...

His clean voice also has more power behind it, more 2002 like and less 2013 weak.

His phrasing seems improved too, I said that with the sound check clips already. He’s actually ending sentences now, Chinese Democracy was really noticeable.

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I'm glad I didn't go.  same songs 4 years after I last saw them.  I did watch some of the streams on Instagram and it seems Axl was having a bad night.  he was skipping verses and I saw him talking into his mike (specifically on you could be mine) to the band or his techs.   idk.  was definitely weird that they didn't take a bow. 


I live an hour and half from hershey and avoid it at all costs.... one of the most boring places you could ever be...   I doubt the band lost their energy over being stuck in that shitty town for 3 or 4 days, but idk.  venue isn't great either. 


I was there in Friday to take my kids to the park and heard the band rehearse all day.  they definitely put their work in.  not sure how it could turn into such a shit show with that many hours of rehearsing. 

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