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09/01/21 - Dallas, TX - American Airlines Center

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3 hours ago, Flayer said:

Just got in line, down by the merch truck. Red sunglasses, anime shirt. Holy Christ they want $100 for the basic Walmart rack AFD shirt?

EDIT: theyd make a killing selling beers to the people in line out front. Why does no one except me have good ideas?

EDIT EDIT: Picture if you will an official GNR Night Train van parked out front dispensing the aforementioned, perhaps with a few of Fernando’s toy trains on the side.

EDIT EDIT EDIT: Obviously I pregamed this, as I mentioned me smart

EDIT EDIT EDIT EDIT: I solemnly swear to shitpost the entire show until my battery dies. 

EDIT EDIT EDIT EDIT EDIT: how come DJ never made Hollaback Gurrrl part of his solo spot?

EDIT x6: no I will not wear my mask over my nose and mouth, can’t you see I’m dual wielding beers

EDIT x7: I got E 17 in 117, center left and about three rows back if anyone wants to come and talk shit. White shirt, anime girl

EDIT x 8: I am also gonna scream over every song, stay the fuck back if you’re recording video


EDIT X 10: I hope it also has its own Twitter page

EDIT x 11: hey truck honk once if they’ll play hard school tonight, honk twice for no

EDIT x 12: I hope Slash comes out in a top hat and plague doctor mask combo

EDIT x 13: 49% already? Tim “Rim” (Job?) [not Jobs] Cook is a saboteur and a cancer

CONTINUATION: get in the ring, Tim Cocks!

EDIT: Maybe if Tim Cooks Like A Bitch did better in Hard Skool he would know how to make a battery that works

EDIT 2 (14? 15?): Apple can branch out into sound equipment as the next step in their world domination plan, specializing in amps that die for no reason halfway through the show

EDIT 16: I will slow down on updates till the show starts to conserve Tim Cuck’s battery, however I will make up for this by doubling down on beer

EDIT 17: took like 5 tries to get that last edit to go through. Tim Kook’s perfidy n’ ineptitude knows no limits

EDIT 18: n

EDIT 19: ‘

EDIT 20: I really don’t know how to slow down

EDIT 21: just got an enormous update from a gigantic insider that the estranged to TWAT’s november rain will be known as THOT 

EDIT 22: she wears dolphin printed leggings in the video and sits on a wedding cake

EDIT 23: you can buy her frosting stained leggings on GNRTOURTRUCK.COM

EDIT 24: they still cost less than an AFD shirt

EDIT 25: i’m hungry

EDIT 26: I’ve never written a sound check in my life

EDIT 27: please donate to my patreon and subscribe to my onlyfans and simp to my Venmo and like and ABSURD! this post

EDIT 28: Wolf time

EDIT 29: well this beats the fuck out of that time skrillex opened for them in Houston

EDIT 30: Im really not used to having an opening band that’s good, belaying piss beak until intermissio

EDIT 31: Wolfie’s songs all have a great groove, danceable on first listen. Beast

EDIT 33: girl how the hell your ass crack run halfway up your spine? mutants these days

EDIT 34: Vaccatize me, cap’n!

EDIT 35: place is filling up nicely now, about half full for WVH and looking over 90% now

EDIT 36: homefuck

Edited by Flayer
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5 minutes ago, GNRfanJen said:

I’m on the rail and I’m right in the middle, so…I’d say pretty freakin’ good. :)

I’m pretty sure this is the best view I’ve had for a GN’R show. 

Get some nice photos of Slash please :slash:

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13 minutes ago, jimisbatman said:

Cause it feels like a good idea at the time? 

Anyway, didn't they sound check OMG on the last tour, is that right? And did they ever play it? 


They didn’t Soundcheck it every night of the tour.

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8 minutes ago, alangarcianr said:

They DID sound check Bennie and the Jets, right? For the first leg of the NITL tour?

I don't think so. The only time Bennie and the Jets has appeared is in the alt setlist in 2019 or 2020, and it's unknown it it was ever soundchecked (although it was probably rehearsed before those tour legs).

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16 minutes ago, KeyserSoze said:

I get in the venue, finally. I turn to my right, and I see the merch table. I’ve gotten posters from every show i’ve seen so far, so I figure why the fuck not.

As im in line, i see the posters go, but the one on the rack stays. Its finally my turn. I ask her for the one on the rack, and she says no, then asks her supervisor who says yes.

i literally got the last poster on the west side of the stadium. Fuck me, life likes to be crazy sometimes!

That must have been a good feeling. Congratulations!

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