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09/04/21 - Napa, CA - Bottlerock Music Festival

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1 hour ago, Liquor & Whores said:

full setlist anyone? don't belevie in setlist.fm

It's So Easy

Mr. Brownstone

Chinese Democracy


Double Talkin' Jive

Welcome to the Jungle



Live and Let Die

You're Crazy

Rocket Queen

You Could Be Mine

I Wanna Be Your Dog


Civil War

Slash Solo

Sweet Child o' Mine

November Rain

Wichita Lineman

Knockin' on Heaven's Door





(with Pink)

Paradise City

(with Dave Grohl)

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It's not the first time the festival has pulled the plug on bands due to curfew (they have done it with the Foo Fighters, Neil Young and the Cure):


BottleRock Napa pulls plug on Guns N’ Roses set due to curfew
Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl was onstage with band at the time


BottleRock Napa Valley is very serious about its curfew.

The latest Rock and Roll Hall of Fame act to find that out was Guns N’ Roses, who had the plug pulled on its headlining set — midway through the song “Paradise City” — after bumping up against the festival’s hard 10 p.m. curfew on Day Two (Sept. 4).

Not that Axl Rose and company noticed that the sound had been completely shut off. The seven-piece group — plus special guest Dave Grohl — just kept right on rocking in silence as BottleRock newcomers wondered what had happened and festival veterans quickly realized that the curfew issue had once again come into play.

The abrupt ending certainly came at an unfortunate time, as the group was in the process of bringing its 2 1/2-hour show to a thrilling conclusion during an all-star encore at the Napa Valley Expo in downtown Napa.

The group — featuring vocalist Rose, guitarists Slash and Richard Fortus, keyboardists Dizzy Reed and Melissa Reese, and drummer Frank Ferrer — was first joined during the encore segment by pop star Pink, who added vocals to the love song “Patience.”

Then out strolled the Foo Fighters’ Grohl, who proceeded to help GNR rip into a big version of “Paradise City.” They were really cooking, nearing the part where Slash’s freight train of a guitar solo kicks in, when the whole thing went silent.

It was an anticlimatic ending to what had been a really strong Guns N’ Roses show, filled with great versions of such fan favorites as “It’s So Easy,” “Welcome to the Jungle,” “Live and Let Die” and “Mr. Brownstone.” Plus, basically every note that Slash played was amazing– especially the ones that populated the leads of “Sweet Child O’ Mine” and “November Rain,” which formed a powerful one-to-punch late in the set.

Of course, Grohl is no stranger to the hard curfew — which is one of the ways that BottleRock Napa tries to be a good neighbor to those living nearby in the community.

The vocalist-guitarist and his Foo Fighters faced a similar situation in 2017, when they also went past curfew and ended up getting the sound shut off during the song “Everlong.” Like GNR, the Foo Fighters just kept right on rocking.

Obviously, the situation didn’t bother Grohl and company too much, since the Foo Fighters are back at this year’s BottleRock and ready to headline on Day Three (Sept. 5). Perhaps the band will play by the rules this time around and end their set by 9:59 p.m. this time around.

Organizers also pulled the plug on the Cure in 2014, after that legendary modern rock act hit the 10 p.m. mark.

It also happened to Neil Young, who kept right on “Rockin’ in the Free World” after the sound was abruptly shut off at 10:01 p.m. during his BottleRock set in 2019.

For those who are counting, that’s four Rock and Roll Hall of Fame acts that have run into curfew problems at BottleRock.

The GNR curfew violation capped a long day of music, enjoyed by a sold-out crowd of some 40,000 fans. Miley Cyrus was the other big headliner, who drew a huge turnout to see her close out the Verizon Stage on Saturday. She was performing a version of “Wrecking Ball” about the time that Guns N’ Roses were settling into their encore.

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32 minutes ago, Drakestar said:

I actually don’t mind endings like this. Anything that gives a unique experience that fans can talk about after is cool. Obviously not an ideal finish, but it will distinguish this show from others (plus Pink and Dave Grohl). 

Yeah, it was unfortunate but still kind of cool at the same time.. The band kept rocking and was pretty bad ass when the crowd picked up the vocals!

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7 minutes ago, Bitchisback said:

Damn I got goosebumps watching that.  What a fucking cool crowd.  And at a festival too.


Yeah, just watched a couple Jungle clips... The band/Axl and the crowd were all awesome... \m/

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1 hour ago, Sweersa said:

Was the audio issue a technical glitch or a curfew thing? That's awesome the band kept going. I assume they knew what happened even with their IEM.

Nah they had no idea, they were dancing around and singing in the mics still. 

Was cool that the crowd kept singing though!! That's a great moment!

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39 minutes ago, 2020_Intensions said:

Pink on stage with GnR is so fucking lame 

Pink compared to fuckin' Mel, Frank, Dizzy, Fortus, Buckethead, Absha...is a fuckin' icon!

Imagine '91-'93 someone told Slash and Duff to turn around and imagine Mel with her green hair standing in the left corner!?

Frank playing drums...

It is less of a problem that Pink plays with Guns, the problem is that Guns became the parody of that band Guns was.

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