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09/12/21 - Atlantic City, NJ - Hard Rock Live at Etess Arena

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1 minute ago, GnFnRfaninoz said:

Befoe DC he said something like "this was the first song ever written for Guns n Roses. It was one of Izzy's, he turned up at my window and I said I've got these really depressing lyrics and he said perfect I've got this fucking depressing guitar part"

Oh thanks! lol the depressing pair

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Good show.  Yeah they are sounding good.

I'm not liking facebook messing with me tonight and doing the temporary block thing especially when I wasn't doing what they said I was at the time.  I'm pretty fast on the trigger finger, they've got that right but not tonight.  :lol:  I was reading a book.  Anyway, my days of coverage might be coming to an end.  They probably don't like what I'm doing.

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What a day. Left for the airport this morning…check engine light came on in the car. So had to make sure wasn’t something that was gonna blow the car up. Misfire in cylinder 2. Had to drop the hammer and we got to the airport only 30 mins before flight. Check our 1 piece of luggage….overweight…and she says it might not make it on the plane 😑 get through security and to the plane with literally 5 mins to spare.

Man that est change made the day evaporate quick.

Now it’s 2:35am and I’m trying to “come down” from the awesome show I just witnessed 😊

Like someone said earlier miles better than NY. Axl was great tonight!

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5 hours ago, GnFnRfaninoz said:

Well we got a short Izzy story from Axl, I guess thats something

What did he say about izzy and was it right before Double talkin jive? 😜


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