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09/23/21 - Columbus, OH - Schottenstein Center


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40 minutes ago, Gunner55 said:

I love Slash but that's his downfall IMO. I think he's a great player. When I saw him and Myles in July 2019 I swear it was Wicked Stone that had a maybe 12 minute guitar solo tacked onto the end. For me it took me completely out of it. Also strange to imagine being Brent, Todd or Frank playing the same riff that whole time. It just doesn't do anything for me. Extended solos can be fine, but I have my limit. 

Yeah they did the long solo on Wicked Stone, felt like each show it got longer and longer.

9 minutes ago, Gunsdrummer63 said:

imagine there's locomotive and HS tonight too

That would be awesome.

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Was so happy to hear Coma in 2016. But by the 2017 shows I felt it sort of took the air out of the show. Many casuals didn't even know what it was and thought it was finished halfway through. That said, I'd like to see it rotated in every so often 100%. Maybe not back to back with KOHD though.

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