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09/29/21 - Raleigh, NC - PNC Arena


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3 minutes ago, FabioRoses said:

Someone pointed on livestream's chat that they used "OMG" Lyrics video for You Could Be Mine?? I'm lost :shrugs::question:


The video screen had "Liars" and "Veins" and some other words that didn't fit in with YCBM. I have no idea how long they've been using that video since I usually don't bother listening to YCBM.

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14 minutes ago, themadcaplaughs said:

Sending this message from my phone as I had to know what the forum thought of that “Hard Skool”. Beyond the timing, there was some kind of delay that rendered his vocals inaudible at the end. He took it well and said “that was a festive mess.”

Another Izzy shout out during YCBM

What's the Izzy shout out? 

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