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Forum Service Outage


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4 hours ago, jamillos said:

1. Keep the forum accessible to registered users only. No more "guests". All the guests would see is a login page. 
2. Kick out anyone who registers and then doesn’t log in for a certain period of time, similarly to Discord. 
3. Temporarily disallow registering of new users around times like the beginning of a tour or anything exciting of the sort. Imagine the traffic when they actually release a new single...
4. ?????
5. Profit. 

I agree with this.

First I'll say I know nothing about the finances of the forum, but I did feel annoyed at not being able to access the forum on a show day. It's kind of the point of being on a GNR forum to discuss when something happens with the band. Even if the first show of a new tour is the same as many past others. Like someone said: what if there actually is a release? That will generate a lot more traffic. Will we be able to discuss that on the forum? Or find info? Or do we have to resort to Discord or wherever else?

Seems a bit pointless to only be able to go on a GNR fan forum when nothing is happening (granted, which is most of the time anyway).

Isn't there any possibility to make it 'members only' during that time? I'd be willing to pay a few bucks to be able to go on the forum on moments where people actually want to talk to other GNR fans.

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Just now, allwaystired said:

I just appreciate having somewhere to come and chat stuff, so whatever it takes to keep the board going, go for it. 

Thanks for making the efforts to keep it going. This place has actually been a real help to me over the past year or so. I appreciate that. 

This. 100%.

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4 hours ago, DTJ80 said:

Fair enough. I kept checking back every few hours in the hope it was back up….🤣

Haha, me too. That shit felt like Cold Turkey for me, lol 

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3 minutes ago, Sosso said:

Haha, me too. That shit felt like Cold Turkey for me, lol 

What’s that saying…..you don’t know what you got til it’s gone…..🤣

I clearly rely on this forum more than I thought!

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3 hours ago, gnr5 said:

Is it possible to switch to a hosting provider with unlimited bandwidth?

It is but it's a ton of work and no guarantees that life would be better.

Our current provider takes care of all technical issues, including security.  Moving to a third-party hosting provider might provide us with a bit more flexibility and cheaper hosting costs, but it would likely require a lot more of my time and attention, and both are in short supply in my non-forum life. 

Maybe some day. 

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How about taking an approach to it where outages are planned around spikes? Perhaps say it'll be offline for a day or so either side of the first leg of each run, when traffic will likely be at it's highest? Obviously unpredictable spikes can't be accounted for, but the predictable ones could be? 

You could also maybe just pop something at the top, in bold, at certain times asking people not to do things like refreshing too much (if that makes a difference) or simply asking them to be a bit sparing with how much they visit at busy times. It won't solve all the problem of course, but might have a bit of an impact? 

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