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4 minutes ago, axl666 said:

A bit disappointing really. Strange song for a comeback.

The lyrics aren't great, and what is there is too repetitive. As the song itself is quite repetitive, though short, I think the lyrics need to fill in the space.

I went back to listen to the original silkworms and while not great it works better as there are a lot more lyrics in the chorus.

When you think of everything going on in the world, from climate breakdown, to increased instability across the globe, failures of economic systems- to be writing lyrics about this is actually uninspired. And that's coming from a massive Axl fan.

Well he wrote them 20 years ago. Before the internet, social media, 9/11, crysis, Trump, Covid... :D 

Welcome to the world of GN'R, where yesterday is tomorrow. 

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