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ABSUЯD Single released at midnight

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I don't like too much this song, but for the 1st single it's an horrible idea, Hard Skool is better. We are die hard fans of the band, but people outside will hear this as the 1st song with Duff n' Slash and a lot of people don't want to hear anymore.

Hard Skool is better for rock fans, this is very strange. Imagine that the 1st Illusions single were "My world"? I didn't buy the albums.

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7 minutes ago, WhazUp said:

It was also like that on the BBF leak so the line has been altered for many years now in the studio.

This was one of the most interesting parts to me as it was in the 2008 BBF leak - is this Buckethead or BBF with the killswitch intro? I imagine it’s Bucket but do we know? I guess if it is Bucket there may be some hope that in other scenarios they may have kept Finck/Bucket!

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Well, i was expecting à New vocal take ! I'm so stupid.... It's so Gnr. An old song with old drum n vocal take, New guitar parts but similar to the BBF version. That's not Bad but as à first single i could be better ! 

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What a weird world we live in.

I'm glad they're doing something at least, with this I'm very hopeful more is coming. I would've preferred Hardschool for the first single but oh well.

I don't hate Absurd as much as I thought I would but the placement of the "Screaming fucking banshee" line sounds so off to me. Sounds a lot better in the leaks (at least village sessions, I'm not sure I've heard the BBF leak).

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35 minutes ago, WhazUp said:

Can someone politely tell Beta what the difference is between a "new arrangement" and a "new song" lol


I mean I get what she is saying for sure, but just this *is* not a new song, just like Slither is not a new song just because Axl is singing on it now and Frank is playing drums instead of Matt Sorum

But then again, was Don't Cry, which was performed in the 80's, a new song in 1991? :wow:

(Not trying to argue or pick a fight... :smiley-confused2:)

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I wonder how the conversation about Brian staying on drums went.

Slash and Duff: Yeah we’re going to take a look at this, record some parts and release it?

Frank: Cool, that means I’ll show up and add some drums too yeah?

Axl: Yeah…here’s the thing…

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8 minutes ago, Sosso said:

This song is something different and not the usual stadium rock you would expect from an old Rock Band. 

That's true... but that doesn't make it a good song automatically.  It's better than I thought, based on the live recordings but it's still a strange choice for a new single.

I just hope that's not the last song they have released for a long time if you know what I mean.

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