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Our bands new single!

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My band, Not My Time To Die released our new single, Brente Minna (Burnt Memories) this Friday! It's about the compulsory evacuation and the burning down of Northern Norway during the tail end of WW2. It's a really interesting subject, and something you hear about more often from old family tales rather than from history books.

LYRIC VIDEO (In Norwegian):




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18 hours ago, lame ass security said:

I really liked it, the attitude and playing are top notch. And I have to say, I wasn't expecting that sax breakdown in the first third.😄 But, I think it works and fits. The guitar outro sounds great, I assume that's you? 

Thanks! We had a long argument with the producer about keeping that slow and mellow part in, he hated it while we loved it haha.

That's me! I'd love to go back in time and re-record those solos, but we're not really the tinkering type when it comes to recording.

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