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Izzy - Upside

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12 minutes ago, Blackstar said:

Yeah, this one and Baby Rann are standalone songs he released in 2012. They're both quite good.

I love Baby Rann! Not sure how Upside slipped under my radar. Both are just kick ass hard rocking/riffing songs.. Izzy has such a unique loose heavy rhythm and it kicks ass.. Such a shame that we will never hear Slash and Axl play over one of those rhythms again... 

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3 minutes ago, willl said:

Incase you've not heard it there's also an extended version of baby rann on iTunes which is about 3 mins longer than the YouTube video version :) Has a cool reggae outro...

Upside is a great tune too :headbang:

Oh wow, I had no idea... I don't have itunes though.  He sure loves his reggae outros. He has had a few of them.. "Give me some reggae!!!!" hahah

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11 hours ago, willl said:

Found it on Spotify ;)



Very cool. 

Old Tune - check that song out, it's on Spotify, one of my favourite izzy tracks. 

Hammerhead off Like a Dog is cool too. 

Really enjoy his stuff and it's such a shame we can't have him write songs for/with guns anymore. 

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