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Charlie Watts: Rest in Power


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5 hours ago, SAU3R said:

What a feel, what a groove! He can’t be replaced.. I was hoping to see the Stones in their 60th anniversary next year but now I just hope they fulfill their contractual obligations this fall with Steve Jordan and then call it a day

Yes. Honoring Charlie and all things must come to an end.


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It's honestly hard to find the words to say. I love the Stones. They're the second concert I ever went to, and really the first band that I fell in love with because I saw them live. At the time it seemed ridiculous to see a band just to say you saw them, but it was The Rolling Stones - it was an event. I was so blown away, and immediately became a huge fan. Charlie was certainly no small part of what infatuated me - he may not have the showmanship of Mick, Keef, or even Ronnie, but what he lacked in showmanship he more than made up for in musicianship. He was hardly the most technical drummer out there, but he was the absolute perfect fit for a band like the Stones. He had a swagger and a groove that most drummers could only dream of, but so incredibly tight still. He was, in a sense, the glue that held a band like the Stones together, musically at least. And he was still so goddamn good for his age towards the end, his performances never slid the slightest bit. 

I had so many fond memories from the Stones gigs. Even the worst Stones gig I've seen was amongst the best gigs I've ever seen. Thanks Charlie for those memories, rest easy :( 

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Best thoughts to Darryle, Bernard, The Lovely Lisa. 
Best thoughts to Mick, Keith, Ronnie.


Very best thoughts toMrs. Shirley, Seraphina ,  and her family. Mrs. Shirley and Charlie made their marriage work. That was a best gift they could give their daughter.


I saw Stones on SteelWheels tour and  a 1990s tour. Both LASuperdome.

RS tour holds the rank as biggest the biggest attendance crowds there pulling in around 80,000 each tour .Only SuperBowls there at theSuperdome have had biggest attendance crowds of around 80,000.

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Goodbye to a stalwart of rock music. The Rolling Stones have been a constant influence on global pop culture for such a long time, it's strange to even imagine a world without them, but we're without one of them tonight and poorer for it.

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3 hours ago, Gibson_Guy87 said:

He lived a life we can only dream of. Rest easy, Charlie.


Deaths are different.

Depends on age, circumstances, etc.


Beat throat cancer decades age, 2004.

Passed away at 80 years elderly. Lived a full, rich life. Rich, I just do not mean his financial worth, but rich in one wife, etc.

One real job too, lol. 55 years or so as RollingStones drummer, drummer for his company, lol.


Truly a celebration of a full, well rounded, complete, rich life .


Good pictures from thedailymail.



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