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1994 footage of axl rose (31st december)

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7 hours ago, Blackstar said:

I have seen it, but the date must be wrong. It must have been around the time of Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame, so either January 1994 or December 1993.

It looks very similar to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame but the flannel shirt is a lighter color. Definitely has to be December 1993 til maybe February 1994. It seemed like he liked that combo and wore it a few times. These pictures show him wearing slightly different variations:




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7 hours ago, t-p-d-a said:

he has a side swept bang haircut

He had that look all throughout the early 90s. You can tell it was thinning a bunch in that area though. Its why I roll my eyes when people say he never had work done on his hair. When he reemerged in 2001 that natural part was somehow filled in. You can even see it in the 1998 mugshot.

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On 8/28/2021 at 7:23 AM, Dangom1 said:

Mental that only 8 years later he came back with the braids and big shirts etc 

You could argue the big, dramatic changes came only a few years after this around 1996 -1998. He cut his hair short and grew out a beard along with gaining some pounds. He became pretty unrecognizable to a lot of people. I think he started to look like Axl again around 1999. He started slimming down and grew his hair long again. 2001-02 he was trying to further that but went too far in trying to look young and not a 38-39 year old guy. It felt like he was afraid to look like he aged in those 8 years.

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1 hour ago, GNR_RNR said:

Damn, he just looks so cool here. 

It's truly a shame we basically lost him between 94-2001

Absolutely. If the pics of him are from 1999 like I thought, even that Axl looked pretty good. He did something to his hair and face sometime in 2000 that looked really off and has ever since. 

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