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1 hour ago, DarkLotus1111 said:

"Okay nevermind..."

When Axl said that during "The Blues" in Rock In Rio 3... I felt that. That line sends shivers down my spine. So much emotion.

from a yt comment (you can serach it for the tittle)

Ok so to explain what happened in this performance. So right in the beginning something goes wrong with everyones ear mix (this is that piece that goes in the ear to keep the temp and so they can communicate with each other). Because of this the drummer is playing the song a little bit faster than he should, but may not realize. Then Robin Finks lead guitars volume was never adjusted by the sound engineer, they kept it the same from the previous song, thats why it sounds louder. Axl realizes this and tries to talk to either Robin or the mix engineer but then realizes that his ear mix cable has come off and can't talk to anyone or hear the tempo timer. 1:18 he shows the ear mix cable to the engineering assistant but he doesn't go for some reason, then Axl gets frustrated and motions him to get to him and plug it back in. You can see Axl focusing real hard to maintain in key and pitch and he does so nearly flawlessly. At 2:05 Axl's microphone volume is too low so he increases it however it does nothing. 2:24 Meanwhile, Robin's lead guitar volume is so low that you can barely hear it. At 2:27 Axl motions to the sound engineer or assistant engineer to lower volume of the entire band. For some reason Robins guitar gets max volume and Axl motions the sound engineer to stop adjusting the volume, hence he says "ok, nervermind". The entire band realized that the solo was not going to play and they all skipped it without skipping a beat. This to me shows how well the band is together. 2:58 Axl walks off to talk to the engineer, I can only imagine what he told him. Meanwhile Robins guitar volume still has issues but is better. The bands volume is a lot more stable now that Axl went back there. At 4:01 you can see him still trying to mix his microphones volume and he starts to sound off key. 4:45 from here to the end is starts to sing flat. 5:06 you can see his frustration.

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