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Rolling Stone article about Atlantic City shows

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3 minutes ago, ZoSoRose said:

It is pretty crazy to me that there STILL has not been an AfD- lineup performance since 1990. Everyone has played with everyone at some point, just not all at once because they still can't get along at the same time for the right moment to align.

The window for it to be a "big deal" definitely passed in 2016, and its a big letdown Steven and Izzy were not in the band for at least that first stadium tour. Frank and Richard could have stayed as the backline a- la The Rolling Stones, The Who, Eagles, etc. It would still be nice to have the 5 of them share a stage for at least one more song a final time.

An one off concert in Los Angeles, or a Las Vegas residency playing "appetite for destruction" in it's entirely plus hits from UYI1 and UYI2, i'm sure it would do fine and everybody would be happy. And they won't be lefting Richard, Frank and Melissa away, just for an one off thing. 

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Very cool... Much better than when I saw NuGnR in 2002 when Axl was talking crap about Izzy... 

I think it is time the band starts doing some interviews again.. I can see the importance of the media silence at the beginning of the reunion.. It probably really needed to be done to make this all work but at this point it would be nice to hear stuff from the band members instead of all the speculation all the time.. 

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I'm watching the video embedded in the Rolling Stone article and Axl's voice has really improved A LOT since the beginning of the tour. Happy to see he's putting so much effort into it. On a side note: I always liked The Seeker (I know, I know...) and I would be happy to get a studio version. Not at the expense of some original music, of course, but if a record comes out and they use The Seeker to round out the tracklist I wouldn't complain. Enjoy before the usual suspects have it taken down.

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Axl has talked about Izzy at least three other times during shows since the reunion. One time was when he saw a "Where is Izzy" sign at a show in 2016 and commented "That's a good question." He also mentioned him in stories about Used To Love Her and Out Ta Get Me.

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