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Axl is in mythical status like Liberachi or Elvis

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On 9/20/2021 at 5:07 PM, RussTCB said:


Is Axl AN icon? Yeah. Anywhere near the level of someone like Elvis or Liberace? Not even close. 

I don't think there can be mythical icons like Elvis in the modern era, with how technology has changed the world and how quickly music changes and trends go by. However I think Axl on a level that's as close as you can get as a living person.

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On 9/20/2021 at 4:00 AM, Rovim said:

Slash barely moves? I wish I'd have his energy at his age and his enthusiasm on the stage. Duff is not boring to me and in the olden days he was everything I've ever wanted from a hard rock bass player. And it's not really that sad cause it's just the way you feel about it. A lot of people are still mesmerized by Axl and Slash.

I don't think it is that surprising that a bunch of sober 60 years old don't move the same way as they did when they were about half that age and fucked up. Imagine if Gn'R was a band that formed in the 60's (even mid 50's) and people pointed out in the 90's how it's just not the same anymore. After 30 plus years, no band is the same.

It isn't surprising. And of course they're going to lack something compared to their twenty-something selves. I was just pointing it out because well... it's true. That, and I wanted to share my personal views on the subject because for me, current live GNR is just, meh. I mean, when you've got a billion clips of the 80's and early 90's GNR shows at your disposal, why in the world would you want to watch anything current? Because the video is less grainy? Because it's in widescreen? I just don't get it. They were better then.

Far, far better.

Now, if we're talking new music, that's a whole other issue. I'm still very interested in that.

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