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Hard Skool Officially Released at Midnight - Sept 24

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3 minutes ago, HollyWoodRose84 said:

I personally feel it’s going to be an EP and not a full album. No sources, just my gut with the way everything been going. 

me too. I wouldnt mind an EP with the CD leftovers re-recorded by the current line up and later 2022/23 a new album written by this lineup

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Just now, NorwayIllusion said:

If you should compare it to another GNR song? What would you say? 

It's meaty as fuck, and while I hear some parallels I think it's safe to say Hard Skool stands on it's own musically, which is no easy task.  Good job boys.

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1 minute ago, allwaystired said:

When's the next Terminator film? Perhaps it will be used on that? 

NB. This is a JOKE. 

Terminator film -> VMA appearance -> Christmas Release -> Spring Release 

ahh the good old days of GNR predictions 

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A few things I’m curious about


1.) assuming it’s played tonight, how Axl introduced it and where in the set it is


2.) if it’s physically released, when and how 


2.5.) what does the pick up drum beat in the intro go to? Another song? Was it there on purpose? Etc. 


3.) who gets credit on the song


4.) how will this be promoted? Absurd was quickly forgotten about by management when promoting it. I think they pushed it for a day or two. This seems to be much more radio friendly which I’m assuming means more promotion. So where will that lead to? Especially since the international tour in 2021 is in doubt 

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