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Hard Skool Officially Released at Midnight - Sept 24

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2 minutes ago, agustingloger said:

That was weird as fuck. He did the scenes though. Then he was photoshoped or whatever You want to call it. But he was the actor indeed

Hell yeah...wacky as fuck...he was in the robes and all that, they just CG'ed his face and created a younger voice...wild times

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4 minutes ago, Pele said:

You've seen it all - except all the unreleased songs that we've all heard?  Cool.

No, I've heard Hard Skool before as well. But I heard it once, and just put it out of mind. As I did with Going Down. Honestly, that was around the time my "opinions" on leaks changed. I "liked" going down, it was a good song. But it wasn't guns n roses to me, it was something else. If Axl sang the whole song, I would have liked it better, but given the state of the band at that time... Leaks just didn't appeal to me anymore. Why get excited about unreleased music by a band with one original member, that's imploding for the 2nd time (Tommy was leaving, BBF left, Ashba was Ashba, etc). Guns n roses were dying to me at that point. So ANY unreleased music from that era, recorded by those musicians, just didn't excite me anymore.

So when Hard Skool and others leaked, I listened to them once or twice. Then thought about what Axl said about "the world doesn't revolve around guns n roses music" or something to that effect (I'm paraphrasing). Which he was right, so like many, I just stopped caring. 

The reunion was great, that gave me hope. But I didn't feel a band (even as great as guns), can REALLY make a big impact on the music scene anymore. They can release new music (or not), tour, live their life, etc. But to expect some sort of "ground breaking" music from a band who's members are at this age, just isn't realistic. Name me ANY band/musician that REALLY did something special by this point in their careers? You can't. So why should I expect anything different from guns?

As for new music, I had faith we would hear some stuff. I think that might have been part of the reason why NUgnr imploded like it did, Axl didn't have faith in those musicians to release an album with. At least that's how I see it. So again, it made sense for the reunion. But after sitting through the CD drama, the band seems pretty drama free at this point. Which is a good thing. Plus I'm sure Covid effected plans (as it did with everyone). So I had hope new music would start coming out, and it has. Which if I had played myself out on the Hard Skool leak, it would be like the CD release all over again for me. So I'm glad I didn't listen to it a bunch. 

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15 minutes ago, oneway23 said:

I don't have any "reactions" left, but, this is funny.  I know you're saying this in a joking way, but, sadly, yes, this tech actually exists!

Believe it or not, Mark Hamill voice on the Mandalorian was not his voice!  It's true!  It was AI modeled from existing phonetic sounds, based on pre-existing bits of his old dialogue.

This means that neither his appearance nor his voice was actually him!!  He was on set, however.

It was definitely meant in a joking way.  I'm horrified that the tech exists.  Hopefully Axl doesn't find out about it!

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The production on Absurd is certainly not great, but it didn't bother me too much because... it's still Silkworms, and you can't polish a turd.

But the production on Hard Skool is just... sloppy. Obviously the drum sound is an odd choice, but the biggest issue for me is probably the vocals - it seems like they had properly mixed and finished vocals, but then had to drown them in effects so they'd sound better with Slash's guitar tone. It kind of worked on Absurd, but that was a 'weird' track to begin with - there's no logical reason here to have that much processing and echo on Axl Fuckin' Rose - it just rips some of the soul and emotion out of the track.

The editing, like with Absurd, is really sloppy in places, making it sound like a rushed job. The mix is kind of a mess... I completely expected new songs would be pieced together using old tracks with new Slash and Duff parts, but with all the time they've had and the resources at their disposal, I still expected it to sound more cohesive than this...

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Let me start by saying that criticism of the band can be helpful, and HAS been warranted at many times during the bands history. 

Having said that, the "endless complaints" that some people have are interesting to me, as a long time fan. Sure, when compared to how (Metallica) for example do things, then yes criticism will most likely be warranted in some minds. But let's look at Guns "eras"

1. OG line up (not counting pre appetite eras)

2. Illusions era

3. NUgnr era 1

4. NUgnr era 2

5 Reunion era

Besides the OG and Illusions era, the Reunion era HAS to be the third best era for the fandom. I don't know how ANYONE could argue either NUgnr era was better (I'm not talking about music, but just how the band operated). EVERYTHING Guns n' Roses related has been on the upswing since Slash and Duff came back. 

I guess it's hard for me to complain when things have been MUCH worse. But I also don't come here every day anymore and analyze the bands movements either. 



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3 minutes ago, James Bond said:

Shorter? The song isn't even four minutes long to begin with.

I'd assume the middle section is probably shortened and maybe one of the last choruses left off? Radio is weird. Decisions like that get made, but then they still play the long ass Don't Fear the Reaper jam and Stairway haha.

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7 minutes ago, alfierose said:

I think maybe it was the wrong weekend to release this. The radio seems to be full of 30 years of Nevermind and other music from 1991. That's what my husband is currently dancing to in the kitchen. :lol:

Nirvana and GN'R going head to head just like the old days! And they've both released the same amount of new music in the past 30 years! 

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2 hours ago, axl666 said:

It could be straightforward cannibalization of one song for parts. However it could also be that these songs are intended to be on an album and phrases and motifs will repeat throughout the album (like NIN The Fragile, which I assume axl is a big fan of).

Or it could be he didn't want to record more vocals so he's instructed the team to use what they have.

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I really want not to be the person that bashes everything the band does this day... But it's hard for me... It's not agains the band, Team Brazil, Slash, Caram etc.

Like mobsters say "Nothing personal, it's just business"

But personally with exception of Axl's vocal mix there's nothing, absolutely nothing in this version that got improved from the leaked version. Worse, the released version it much more sterile than the leaked version. For me all the potential that has in the leaked was washed up and manipulated over years of tinkering and how many rerecordings.

It's already started bad with the intro and one with the holy grail of GNR sound, Duff's bass... It's completely stock in sound! Duff bass sound was one of GNR signatures and is there just to emulate an It's So Easy type of intro.

The new intro doesn't have any build up as the old one and Slash little licks is embarrassing to say the least. I'm not even close of a Frank basher, I'm the few ones that like him more than Brain, but what this new drum track brings to the song? It was him? It was Brain? I don't know, but these drum track is just also emulate some kind of Old Guns vibe that doesn't improve anything.

Slash it's in the song like he has been live with GNR since 2016... Uninspiring and stock!  And lowest part is in the breakdown after the solo and before the last choruses, there's one single note on the entire thing that I prefer over the demo version.

And the mix it's just flat... Not eq or compression wise... It's flat in the way it's so nice it's not sound like a Rock mix. I'd like to know who mixed it.

To a song that was demoed with a such grand production, this more basic arrangement left the song appearing to have a lot of blank spaces that wasn't fulfilled or even covered at all.

For more that I disliked Absurd with what I believed was bad tempo choices vocally, it's by far more ballsier mix and production and relates more with what GNR is today than this weak attempt to do a "Classic GNR " song

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