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Hard Skool Officially Released at Midnight - Sept 24

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9 minutes ago, downzy said:

Yeah, some bluesy-twangy southern rock we haven't really heard from Guns since the UYI era.  I really missed the sound that's included in this track.  

Its definitely a far more classic Guns sound than just about anything we've had since the UYI/Spaghetti incident days 

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I'm loving it. Really, really happy to get one of the songs I loved most from the leaks. Now it's just Perhaps, State of Grace and some new songs we haven't heard yet :P Now give us that album!

Bit sad to realize we probably won't get the macdaddy, as I agree, the hey hey's sound definitely like Eye On You.


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2 minutes ago, Stress Fracture said:

I’ll wait until midnight in the UK but it’s an odd way to release something. It’s also weird that the USA is the last place to get everything. Christmas, New Year, Guns N’ Roses music.

Britain used to be centre of the universe, and all time is based of GMT. 

These days, britain just 'thinks' its centre of the universe, while the rest of the world laughs. (I'm british so I'm sadly allowed to say this. sigh.)

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1 minute ago, AtlasShrugged said:

Like it but would really have benefitted from being cut more “live”. Has a copy/paste feel about it.

Though maybe that’s just because I’ve heard the demo etc. 

Only so much they can do though when Axl can't be arsed to record new vocals. Everything is going to be on a grid so it's pretty challenging to get it sounding natural.

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